• How do I access the management portal?
    • Any homeowner should be able to log in to Vantaca at portal.mycmg.com.
      • You will need a portal key to log in.

      • You should have received that portal key in a hard copy letter, sent out by Cedar in 2023. If you do not have that letter, please reach out to Cedar at support@mycmg.com or by phone at 877-252-3327.

      • Other information you might need: 
        • Management Company ID: 7665
        • Association ID: 2405

  • Why do I need access to the management portal?
    • Check account status and pay your dues.
    • Find guidelines and application forms for building projects in/around your home.
    • Access neighborhood documents.
    • Reserve space.
      *If you’re planning to hold an event in any of the Lake Reynovia common area including the clubhouse, the pool, or the beach, you’ll need to reserve the space. You can find out facility availability and make your reservation by reaching out to   clubhouse@mycmg.com or by going through the management portal.

  • How can I follow what’s happening with the HOA board?
    • Unless otherwise noted, the board meets every second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings take place in the clubhouse. 
    • For those needing to attend virtually, Cedar sends out an online link in advance of each monthly meeting. These announcements come through Vantaca, which you should be able to access at portal.mycmg.com.
    • All meeting agendas and minutes are posted in Vantaca.
    • If you want to reach out to the board, please email them at board@lakereynovia.org

  • How do I check on my account status/pay my dues?
    • There are several ways to pay your HOA dues with Cedar Management Group.
      • Online – You may visit www.mycmg.com/epayment to pay your dues online. Please note that there will be a convenience fee that applies, and payment does not post to the account immediately. Payment will be posted in 2-3 business days.
      • Automatic Bill Pay – To avoid the convenience fee, you may set up automatic bill pay through your bank. Contact your local branch to set this up.
      • Via Mail – Please make all checks payable to “Lake Reynovia Owners Association, Inc.” and use the address below for all dues payments. Make sure you include the address of your property along with a telephone number to ensure proper credit to your account:
        Lake Reynovia Owners Association, Inc.
        C/O Cedar Management Group
        PO Box 621296
        Orlando, FL 32862-1296
  • How can I help with making neighborhood improvements?
    • Contact the board! You might find you’d like to volunteer as a board or committee member; others prefer volunteer to manage short-term projects. 
    • Important!
      • We have seen branches down in the wooded areas from someone cutting the trees (including Eastern hemlocks, which are at high risk and should NOT be cut). These efforts seem like attempts to build a trail. We have also seen efforts to clear a trail in the Starcrest area, where (a) the access point is on private property and (b) the hillside poses safety and erosion hazards. 
      • Do not cut any trees without contacting the board.
      • Trail-building is not permitted without board permission, as trails need to be planned with user safety and hillside erosion concerns in mind.
      • If you or someone you know is working on trails/tree trimming in our shared green spaces, please stop at once, and contact the board if you’d like to discuss the issue further: board@lakereynovia.org