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A Message from the ARB

Hey Lake Reynovia! Fall is here and the fall ARB drive through is coming in October. To make sure your house is in order, check our three most common issues.

  1. Moldy/mildew siding – you can power wash this yourself or there are several businesses that will clean your siding. This only needs to be done once every several years to keep mildew from gaining a foothold on the side of your home.
  2. Conspicuous Trashcans – Trashcans should be stored in at least a partially screened location, either by foliage or a small lattice structure, if they’re near the front of your home. If you’re not going to screen your cans, they should be kept around the side of the house where they are not noticeable from the road.
  3. Mailboxes – Mailboxes occasionally need some TLC. Make sure all of the pieces of your mailbox are properly nailed together. Also, make sure your your house number is easily visible. This isn’t just for the Postal Service; if you have an emergency and an ambulance or police officer needs to find your house, these numbers on the mailbox make you a lot easier to find.


Also as a reminder to all Lake Reynovia residents that BEFORE you take down a tree with a trunk thicker than three inches you must fill out an ARB application. This link will lead you both to the online version of the ARB application as well as the current rules and regulations.