Update on Pool Opening

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Update on Pool Reopening – Cloudy Water: As previously posted, the Lake Reynovia pool will open for the summer on this Saturday, May 28. Our pool management company has been working diligently for the past several weeks to prepare the pool for opening. Unfortunately, the pool water is still visibly cloudy, an issue which may not fully resolve prior to Saturday’s opening. The Board has been assured by our pool management personnel that the water chemistry (chlorine, pH, etc.) is perfectly safe for swimming, so we are not postponing the opening. We hope that even with cloudy water, people are able to enjoy their Memorial Day weekend at the pool. The Board is working with our pool maintenance company to address the root cause of the cloudy water, which is related to poor suction from a portion of the filtration system. Our goal is to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible so we can have crystal clear pool water all summer long! Please email board@lakereynovia.org if you have any questions or concerns.