Process for Fallen Trees

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Given the recent rainfall and significant wind, it is very likely that we will see multiple fallen trees.  We will do our best to post updates here as we get reports of trees that are down. 

Current Known Issues:

  1. Lake Reynovia Drive between the clubhouse and Blackthorn Lane:  Tree limbs have been cut back and VDOT has been alerted to the issue.  We will work to have additional debris removed once VDOT has cleared the shoulder.


As a reminder, the process for fallen trees is as follows

Any tree that has fallen into a roadway should be reported to and to VDOT.  The board will happily submit the issue to VDOT and track resolution.  If you decide to submit a ticket to VDOT on your own, please share the case number that you were given so that we can avoid multiple cases being opened at the same time. 

If a tree has fallen on your property, please check to ensure there is no immediate safety issue.  It is then best to check with your homeowners insurance to see if professional removal is covered under your homeowners policy.  If it is not covered, please begin the process of searching for a professional tree removal service.  No approval is required from the ARB to remove a fallen tree.

If the tree has fallen on common area or on a mix of personal property and common area, please contact so that we can work to have any debris removed from common area.  Please Note: Homeowners are responsible for timely removal of trees from their own property.  The HOA can only remove debris that has fallen on common area.